Mission: Build a next-gen movement within the animal welfare and conservation space by shining a spotlight on new models and helping to scale the most promising solutions

*finn2finn Alliance is a 501C3 non-profit organization (EIN 83-0804772)*

Our story


Amanda Hearst and Breanna Schultz were brought together by their passion for animal welfare, which lead to over five years of collaboration within NYC Animal Welfare groups. Most recently they were committee members/founder of Friends of Finn, a next generation group within the HSUS dedicated to ending the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills. They were driven to expand their reach to other animal welfare and conservation issues, leading to their newest initiative, finn2finn Alliance. The dream was to have the ability to react in real time to a more expansive range of issues by creating awareness, a platform to act and fundraising among likeminded people. The  name "Finn" serendipitously describes two special dogs in their lives and this group is in honor of them. Amanda and Breanna's backgrounds in philanthropy and business – as well as the stories of their impactful Finns – is where the appropriate moniker finn2finn Alliance was born.


More on Amanda and Breanna


Amanda was the Founder and Chair of Humane Generation/Friends of Finn, and served on The HSUS Board of Directors for three years. She also is currently on the Advisory Board of NEST. Hearst co-founded an ethical fashion e-commerce business, Maison de Mode, where she sells and supports conscious commerce, and is also the Special Projects Editor at "Town & Country" magazine, where she writes about sustainable fashion and travel. Named one of the "20 Under 40" philanthropists by the New York Observer, Hearst received The HSUS Compassion in Action award in 2015 for her work on behalf of animals. She currently resides in Manhattan with her pup, Finnegan. 

Breanna has over six years of entertainment marketing experience, working with companies such as the Seattle Seahawks, Warner Bros. and Edelman. However, it was her continued love for animals that drove her to pursue a Master's degree in animal behavior and conservation. She obtained this degree while focusing on behavior rehabilitation research and work with canines who had been through severe trauma including puppy mills and hoarding. Breanna is also active philanthropically, serving on the National Council and on Humane Genreration as an executive committee member for the HSUS. She is also on board for one of the largest NYC no kill animal shelters, Animal Haven. Her goal with finn2finn Alliance is to apply her previous marketing and philanthropic experiences with her education to make a significant and meaningful difference within animal welfare.  Her husband, Jordan Schultz, daughter Wren, and son Hayes all share a love for animals, having four pets themselves: cats Felix and Ruca, along with dogs Lexi and Zeppelin.