The Human-Animal Bond


This year our focus is all about the Human-Animal Bond. Animals are not only our friends -  they are our protectors, our healers and our partners on the planet we share.  This year at finn2finn Alliance, we want to highlight humanity’s connection to animals and simultaneously underscore the value of rescue animals in particular. How?

Our 2019 campaign will focus on the growing field of Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) which recognizes the importance of animals' inherent ability to bring emotional and physical healing to our communities. Our carefully curated partners are addressing some of our society’s greatest challenges - like, domestic violence and PTSD- with the support of animals. And these partners share one of our core goals- to alleviate overpopulation in animal shelters nationwide. We are proud that rescue animals are an important part of the interventions of ALL of our partners, underscoring the value of rescues by acknowledging their meaningful roles in society.


A story from one of our partners…

Layla was rescued from a shelter where she was running out of time to find a forever home. She is an absolute love! Rudy, her veteran owner, takes her to the “spa” to get her nails painted to match her collar. Like many brave men and women in his shoes, Rudy’s experience as a soldier led to struggles with PTSD. With Layla, Rudy feels safe interacting with others and living day-to-day life. The pair were connected at one of our Animal-Assisted Therapy partners, Tony La Russa’s ARF -- Pets & Vets Program, and they are now inseparable.

What are Animal-Assisted Interventions?


Why AAI?

Opportunity Gap: A large percentage of AAI programs use non-rescue and/or bred animals

Mission: Create a well-rounded awareness and fundraising campaign to champion the success and support of AAI programs using rescue animals


Fast Facts

Currently, there are an estimated 2,000 Animal-Assisted Therapy and Intervention programs in the United States

Based on a sample collection, data showed only 17% of animals used in these programs are rescues

Each year, approximately 1.5M shelter animals are euthanized due to lack of space and resources

Our Approach

Identify four grantees who are being rescued in their AAI programming, treating their animal as beings who are worthy of respect and showing a collaborative approach to the industry.

Fund unique areas including companion animal therapy for veterans with PTSD, domestic violence shelters accepting pets, and humane education and research.

In addition to funding and advocating for our partners, we are committed to highlighting these programs to encourage organizations nationwide to replicate and implement animal therapy programming using rescues.


Stay tuned to learn about the partners we are advocating and fundraising for this year.