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finn2finn First Annual Fundraiser

  • East Hampton, New York (map)

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This event focuses on the issues surrounding American horses and the transitioning from their careers to their next home. 

Amanda and Breanna met photographer Lincoln Pilcher last year, whose incredible photo series of the White Shire rescue horses brought to attention the larger issue through their background and story. After learning that nearly 130,000 U.S. horses are transported to slaughter houses each year, finn2finn Alliance (f2f) has decided to take action on this issue. The hope is to create awareness while raising funds to help this important cause. Lincoln will also be displaying his photography from the White Shire series, along with the debut of more of his work with other rescue horses and their stories.

Through further research, f2f discovered ReRun, the largest Thoroughbred rescue and rehabilitation program on the East Coast for more than 22 years. Just last year ReRun took in over 130 horses in need, providing them with the very best care so they can thrive and have meaningful lives after their career. All proceeds including sales of any photography displayed at the event will be going directly to ReRun to help continue their incredible work.

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