finn2finn Alliance

Providing a platform for individuals to take action within animal welfare, conservation and other humane initiatives

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Our Story

Amanda and Breanna were brought together by their passion for animal welfare, which led to over five years of collaboration within NYC Animal Welfare groups. Most recently they were committee members/founder of Friends of Finn, a next generation group within the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) dedicated to ending the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills. They were driven to expand their reach to other animal welfare and conservation issues, leading to their newest initiative, finn2finn Alliance. The dream was to have the ability to react in real time to a more expansive range of issues by creating awareness, a platform to act and fundraising among likeminded people. The  name "Finn" serendipitously describes two special dogs in their lives and this group is in honor of them. Amanda and Breanna's backgrounds in philanthropy and business – as well as the stories of their impactful Finns – is where the appropriate moniker finn2finn Alliance was born.  


To learn more about this year's campaign for horses click here

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Did you know?

Nearly 130,000 "unprofitable” American horses, 80,000 of which are thoroughbred horses, are trucked to Canada and Mexico and slaughtered each year

The first annual f2f fundraiser focuses on the issues surrounding American horses transitioning from their careers to their next home. This fundraising event in East Hampton, NY will debut photography of rescue horses by Lincoln Pilcher. All proceeds from the event & photography sales will be dedicated to horse rescue and rehabilitation group ReRun to support this important cause.

Pictured above, Fair Weather Stan and Stormy Scoundrel have their own unique traumas, but are now living their best lives (together!) at ReRun. Stan is a multiple graded stakes placed horse who won over a quarter of a million dollars. After his career, he was found starving with 19 other horses, several of which later died. He was one of the lucky ones, after being nursed back to health at ReRun and finding his companion Stormy Scoundrel from whom he’s now inseparable. Stormy also ended up at ReRun because he had no where to go after his owner became terminally ill. Luckily the two horses rediscovered their happiness when they found each other.